2021 · 25 December 2021
Going super-wide for architecture, environmental portraiture, landscape and astrophotography, well supposedly.
2021 · 15 December 2021
Somethings in life strike you as being ironic; happening in a way contrary to what you expect and typically causing wry amusement because of this...

2021 · 04 December 2021
Photographs that bring to mind a time, a place, a person, a mood, a feeling, an emotion, a memory. Evocation!
2021 · 03 December 2021
Fast, super quality, medium tele lens for low light working at wider apertures whilst using lowest possible level ISOs for preserving highest possible resolution images when shooting my M10-R hand held.

2021 · 27 November 2021
There is one legendary Leica M that I have always sort of wanted to own but have never had the opportunity or perhaps truthfully the real motivation to acquire.
2021 · 23 November 2021
There are a quite a few web pundits out there who trade on giving the impression they are on the inside track with a particular manufacturer or creator that gives them access to privileged information about upcoming new products. It helps pull you in and give them cred, but...

2021 · 22 November 2021
Splendourosity is a silly made up word that simply sounds more catchy than the actual word splendidness. Now I was going to do a detailed review of my experience of the first three months using my new M10-R but I couldn't be bothered... though it did have a certain splendourocity about it 😄.
2021 · 19 November 2021
Snaps with the iPhone 13; really rather decent.

2021 · 18 November 2021
Autumn; a tone poem in pictures and words...
2021 · 16 November 2021
In a world of OIS, IBIS and indeed combined Sync-IS plus ultra high ISO why are there many occasions when we still need to use a good old tripod?

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