2020 · 29 December 2020
It is often a fun thing thing to do, photographically speaking, to juxtapose the old with the new and draw out the contrast between them.
2020 · 18 December 2020
There is, from a combined design, ergonomics, elegance, craftsmanship and system capability point of view, a stills camera that tops anything that even Leica have so far achieved. Plus it produces super quality images too. Read on...

Working Quickly Slowly
2020 · 14 December 2020
There are times when you need to work quickly but still do so in a considered way, the art of working quickly slowly as you might say.
C-41 Processing?
2020 · 08 December 2020
A question I am often asked is, "Who does your C-41 processing?" and the answer is C41 do. Say what?

Colourful Lies
2020 · 05 December 2020
There is an old saying that the camera never lies. Well when it comes to colour it most certainly does. In fact it can't help but do so.
Portraits of the Past
2020 · 28 November 2020
There are some places where you can step back in time and make portraits of people from past times. Using real cameras with real film to do so makes it seem all the more authentic.

Lady Foley's Delight
2020 · 28 November 2020
Sponsored by Lady Emily Foley in 1860, Great Malvern station is a Victorian delight. Lady Foley even had her own private waiting room there which is now an award winning tea room named after her :).
Pushing the Speed Barrier
2020 · 26 November 2020
No fast film available? There is another way to get the high ISO medium you desire and that is by pushing a slower film instead.

Fast Film
2020 · 23 November 2020
As the light levels drop and you have need of fast colour film they are, as we shall see, like hens teeth - a pretty rare thing - with very few choices available.
What Is Photography?
2020 · 22 November 2020
There is a lot of navel searching, quasi philosophical twaddle out there about the definition of photography and whether it is science or whether it is art. Yet the answer, as we shall see, is like Occam's razor - simple.

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