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In a world of OIS, IBIS and indeed combined Sync-IS plus ultra high ISO why are there many occasions when we still need to use a good old tripod?

Well for such purposes as:

  • Very long exposures as in up to 16 minutes for example
  • Macro photography
  • Using base ISO for the best quality image in very low light but still using a small apertures
  • Photographing landscapes
  • Much of videography
  • Time lapse photography
  • Help with more considered framing in composition
  • Better self portraits
  • Astrophotography
  • Cameras without IS like film cameras for example

All tripods need to be sturdy, easy to set up, versatile, adjustable and strong enough to handle the weight and bulk of your camera outfit. I personally use a travel tripod kit with my G2 system, namely a Vanguard VEO 2 GO 235CB complete with ball and socket head and carry case.


Travel tripods like mine typically do all of the above, but are not quite as tall as more regular tripods. They are also often constructed of carbon fibre making for stronger and lighter construction. They typically have more leg sections (maybe 5 instead of 3) as well, to help them collapse down more for ease of carrying.

Finally, all you need is a cable switch to keep everything steady and avoid disturbing either the camera or indeed the tripod when tripping the shutter.