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Snaps with the iPhone 13; really rather decent.

Apple are to be applauded for their simple, intuitive interface in their integrated phone camera system which brings decent quality, reasonably sophisticated photography into the hands of everyone. 'Proper' camera makers should learn from them!

The quality of the images being squeezed out of its little 12.2mp chip is amazing with fab colours, excellent dynamic range and noise management (through deep fusion technology) and thus more detail in its photos..

The camera also uses Smart HDR to deal with brightly lit shots. All of the above going on behind the scenes so to speak without putting demands on the photographer. Again, 'proper' camera makers take note, you're lagging behind on these fronts too.

Despite all this, the iPhone 13 camera is still a phone camera. To expect it to match the flexibility of or the output from a full frame sensor mirrorless or DSLR machine is totally unrealistic; it doesn’t and it can’t.


Try enlarging the images from the 13 and you quickly find out why. Whereas images from my Leica M10-R will take a vast amount of enlargement and still produce high quality images, preserving detail, colour fidelity and tonality along the way. Also try doing something specialist for example needing long telephoto lenses, like bird photography, with any smart phone camera... well enough said.


However, for everyday photography to be viewed on your phone, tablet or displayed on a website at this sort of resolution, they look great and boy are they easy-peasy to make.