After Dark
2022 · 07 December 2022
As we head rapidly towards the shortest day of the year there are more photographic opportunities to be had after dark than in the daylight hours...
2022 · 28 November 2022
Take some left over red, white and blue bunting from the jubilee earlier this year. Replace the blue flags with green ones. Add some embellishments and what have you got...?

Nursery Rhymes
2022 · 25 November 2022
"I had a little nut tree, Nothing would it bear, But a silver nutmeg, And a golden pear." - traditional nursery rhyme. Well, no nutmeg and no pears but some lovely autumnal foliage at a local plant and tree nursery.
Last Hurrah
2022 · 14 November 2022
To quote Shauna Niequist, "The leaves as they spark into wild colour just before they die are the world’s oldest performance art, and everything we see is celebrating one last violently hued hurrah before the black and white silence of winter.” As November runs through into December we are witnessing the spectacular last act of this performance.

Best You Can
2022 · 12 November 2022
Sometimes things, photographically speaking, can best be described as being suboptimal and to get a picture at all is just a question of doing the best you can.
Shades of Autumn
2022 · 11 November 2022
It's that most colourful time of the year once more, the season of reds, bronzes, yellows, golds, coppers and russets - the shades of Autumn.

2022 · 06 November 2022
Things to be decked out in, dressed up in, in this case of the Christmas variety. It's that time of year again and here is this season's offering mostly all the way from China as usual, ironically.
2022 · 15 October 2022
Sculpture at The Savill Garden; exploring a display of imaginative and innovative sculpture by members of the Surrey Sculpture Society inspired by the natural world.

Trains Trinity
2022 · 14 October 2022
I shall shortly be off on another photo charter to capture some late afternoon and then night time steam engine action. For this I will use two constant aperture pro zooms and a fast pro prime...
Schools Out
2022 · 08 October 2022
A magical day out - a farewell to Schools class Cheltenham 30925 to mark her withdrawal at the end of her 10 year boiler certificate.

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