2024 · 31 December 2030
☆ Jokul Frosti's ☆ Journal
📌📌 PRE-AMBLE: This journal contains the scribbles of a walkabout photographer with a snapshot style. This pinned entry provides an introduction to the journal and also explains all the different ways you can access it to make it easier to find things, so click in to learn more. Alternatively simply scroll through the entries below and have fun exploring their content.
2024 · 11 April 2024
Tele-Zoom Macro
As Robert Capa once said, “If your pictures aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough” and a great way to get close up photos is to take advantage of the close focusing capabilities of modern tele-zoom lenses especially where getting physically close to the subject is a challenge like snapping plants that are further back a in flower bed for example.
2024 · 03 April 2024
Hate It?
There are a shedload of vehement micro four thirds haters out there who would like nothing more than to see the format die, but there is one excellent MFT camera that even the supporters of the format love to hate. They should know better!
2024 · 02 April 2024
The Wills, The Won'ts and the Can'ts
There is an old saw about there being three types of people in the world, "the Wills, the Won'ts and the Can'ts", which is equally applicable to each of us in the photog domain...
2024 · 22 March 2024
Boon Companion
These days when you find me out and about, more likely than not, the camera you will find me carrying is my Sony RX100 VI compact. It has become my daily carry about camera that is highly capable but slips easily into a pocket. It is something of a boon companion being a camera that I really enjoy spending time with and using in my everyday photography.
2024 · 05 March 2024
Now ≈ 2.5 Seconds!
"...Our brains seem able to integrate jumbled stimuli into a cohesive, comprehensible whole within a timeframe of up to 2.5 seconds. This window is the "subjective present", and exists to allow us to perceive consciously sequences of events." - The Brain a Users Guide - New Scientist - Alison George.
2024 · 27 February 2024
Gone In 6 Seconds
Squirrel; OM System OM-1 II, M.Zuiko ED 12-100mm f4 IS Pro. Grab shot using C-AF Area All with "Dogs & Cats" Subject Detection plus Silent Sequential 20 fps.
2024 · 20 February 2024
Format Q
What's it got in its waist pack then? Well which one then? Say what? Ah I have three, all the same model but each one of which I keep loaded with different combinations of gear for different purposes at different times. The third one I acquired brand new recently even though they have been out of production for many years.
2024 · 18 February 2024
Set Up & Grab
Set up my newly arrived OM System OM-1 II, stuck my M.Zuiko 8-25mm f4 Pro on the front and nipped out to grab a couple of snaps before the light faded completely late on a very dull and miserable February day in Winter. Camera and lens performed well considering the rubbish and uninspiring lighting conditions.
2024 · 17 February 2024
Café Society
These days we live in a café society and most of us would't get by without our regular coffee fix whatever its form, cappuccino, latte, Frappuccino, macchiato, Americano or whatever...

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