☆ Jokul Frosti's ☆ Journal
2024 · 31 December 2030
📌 PRE-AMBLE: This journal contains the scribbles of a walkabout photographer with a snapshot style. This pinned entry provides an introduction to the journal and also explains all the different ways you can access it to make it easier to find things, so click in to learn more. Alternatively simply scroll through the entries below and have fun exploring their content.
Walkabout Photography
2024 · 30 December 2030
📌 The art of walkabout photography, small format, big outlook. Traveling light, camera in hand, always on the look out for the interesting and photogenic. Snapping away, grabbing unique moments in time. The eternal wanderer.

2024 · 23 February 2024
I was out and about for a walk in the local woodland today enjoying the fresh air and, as ever, I had my walkabout camera with me "just in case" when I happened across this little guy who stayed put just long enough to allow me to grab a few quick frames of it posing in the fork of a tree.
Format Q
2024 · 20 February 2024
What's it got in its waist pack then? Well which one then? Say what? Ah I have three, all the same model but each one of which I keep loaded with different combinations of gear for different purposes at different times. The third one I acquired brand new recently even though they have been out of production for many years.

Set Up & Grab
2024 · 18 February 2024
Set up my newly arrived OM System OM-1 II, stuck my M.Zuiko 8-25mm f4 Pro on the front and nipped out to grab a couple of snaps before the light faded completely late on a very dull and miserable February day in Winter. Camera and lens performed well considering the rubbish and uninspiring lighting conditions.
Café Society
2024 · 17 February 2024
These days we live in a café society and most of us would't get by without our regular coffee fix whatever its form, cappuccino, latte, Frappuccino, macchiato, Americano or whatever...

2024 · 12 February 2024
Temptation: the desire, urge, itch, impulse, inclination to do something (often irrational), in this case to upgrade my much used MFT system to include an OM System OM-1 II. Mind you, as a friend of mine recently said, "Want is not the same thing as need". However...
Upon Reflection
2024 · 05 February 2024
Fans of Kodak Ultra Max 400 Everyday film on the web have declared it as having "Vivid & accurate colour, wide exposure latitude, smooth skin tones, natural hues, fine grain, and bright blues, greens & reds" and say it is, "Perfect for all kinds of photography; from portraits to action to scenics. I have a very different view.

Room To A View
2024 · 04 February 2024
Creating a photographic vista within a "confined" space is fun, aided in no small part by the architectural planting of the garden designers and of the building's architects too.
2024 · 29 January 2024
Bleak, dreary day, with a biting wind across the wetlands. Most of the birds had moved out, only the very few hardiest remained. Just one lone photographer in sight; me, just plain dumb I guess. Still a beautiful place though, even in the gloom of mid-winter.

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