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Fast, super quality, medium tele lens for low light working at wider apertures whilst using lowest possible level ISOs for preserving highest possible resolution images when shooting my M10-R hand held.

The Leica APO-Summicron-M 90mm f2 ASPH. I acquired this 6-bit coded, used example in near mint condition for half the cost of a new one, having bided my time and negotiated an improved discount on it during the so called Black Friday 'sales'.

As its name implies, the lens boasts apochromatic correction and an aspherical lens element plus two of its five elements made of high-refraction optical glass and two of the others of anomalous partial dispersion glass.

This lens is fast, sharp and without any visible distortion including when used wide open at f2. It's a lovely bit of glass and at the price I paid for it a bargain. Now, in my best vampire voice, "Into the night"...

... for the inevitable Xmas lights photos. Taken at 1/125th at f2 at ISO 3,200, in the dark light style.

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