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Splendourosity is a silly made up word that simply sounds more catchy than the actual word splendidness. Now I was going to do a detailed review of my experience of the first three months using my new M10-R but I couldn't be bothered... though it did have a certain splendourosity about it 😄.

Suffice it to say that I have not put the beastie down since I got it and having been using it to the exclusion of all my other cameras ever since and will be ridding myself of most of these as a consequence.

What else need I say about the beast? Well, truthfully nothing. Oh, I acquired an M10 Hand Grip which improves its handling for me and a Match Technical 'Boop' soft shutter release which I have always used on my rangefinder cameras that have a cable release socket embedded in the shutter release button.


But the whole experience can be summed up in the one word - splendourosity ~End of.