Photography: it is not about the equipment nor the technology, rather it is the process itself which I find totally absorbing and a form of zen-like meditation. I find it a lifelong peregrination without a destination and a major contributor to my jouissance.


These days I do not make photographs for the approval of other people and I don't give a hoot what anyone may think of them as I have my own style and my pictures are made purely for my own satisfaction. I create photographs for the fun of it. 


I have a wide variety of photographic interests and an approach that can be best described as walkabout photography with a snapshot style as anything else. In other words I wander about snapping things that take my interest. I flit from subject to subject as the mood takes me. I admit that I am mercurial, it stops me from getting bored.


This may all sound more than just a little eccentric and indeed egocentric maybe and also a bit frivolous. However, in the end, for myself, it's all about the sheer joy of the experience of making pictures which I do for my own wellbeing. Those who take it all super seriously, especially the hyper casuistical gear heads, seem to me to be much too much up themselves for their own good 😀😀. So be out there, taking pictures, having fun, keeping well, lost to the world in the grand adventure that is photography.

Disclaimer: This website is published by its authors for their own personal entertainment, as such it is inevitably tinged with their own predilections and predispositions. So, caveat lector, let the reader beware. After all, it's just a bit of fun.