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There is one legendary Leica M that I have always sort of wanted to own but have never had the opportunity or perhaps truthfully the real motivation to acquire.

Now there's lots of stuff that's been written by lots of people waxing lyrical about the great granddaddy of all M's so I am not going to add my two penn'orth to all that. Suffice it to say it all contributed to my I having an irrational desire to own one for a long, long time.

Now I have no practical use for one, don't want to spend the money on one and it would only end up stuck on a shelf somewhere anyway to be looked at from time to time and occasionally played with. It would be an an expensive toy in other words, but I still wanted one.

The problem was resolved by an eBay purchase of a tin, a Leica M3 vintage replica camera tin to be precise, for the princely sum of £16. The bottom of the tin had a sticker marked elitetins.com on it, who I guess were the original distributors.


So now I have a tin sitting on the shelf on a cabinet that, from a distance, looks not unlike a lovely old M3 complete with a vintage 50mm f2. Good enough to scratch my M3 itch I am pleased to say. 

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