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Autumn; a tone poem in pictures and words...

I knew you were coming. The nights started to draw in and the mornings had a freshness about them.

The morning dew was heavy on the grass like a carpet of jewels.

Birds that had summered with us were starting to head off to warmer climes, taking friends and family with them.

The trees and bushes, having delighted us with foliage so green and thick were now about to delight us again, but in a different way.

It didn't happen quickly. It's not a thing to be rushed.

And each had its own time.

At first it was very subtle with yellow and gold starting to appear.

Trees that had spent the Summer bedecked in finest green were now sprinkled with colour.

The sun lighting them up, making them glow in the late afternoon.

Trees which were often ignored now gained attention as their rich hues amazed passers by.

The darker days brought rain and wind but this couldn't take away the beauty of the time.

Leaves began to fall, creating beautiful multi-coloured carpets, which children of all ages crunched their way through.

I knew you were coming.

With your wonderful golds, yellows, russets and bronzes.

Glowing in the afternoon sun.

And long walks with a camera. 

Every year anew, seeming like the first;