Lady Foley's Delight

Sponsored by Lady Emily Foley in 1860, Great Malvern station is a Victorian delight. Lady Foley even had her own private waiting room there which is now an award winning tea room named after her :).

Famous for its deep canopies held up with cast-iron girders.These girders were supported by columns topped off with elaborate capitals decorated with high relief mouldings depicting different arrangements of flowers and foliage. They were designed by the sculptor William Forsyth.

As you might imagine this is a grade II listed building of great architectural interest and still retains most of its original structure as designed by architect Edmund Wallace Elmslie.

As you can see the station is a photographer's delight with its classic Victorian architecture with gorgeous, colourful columns and high relief capitals. The bright, diffused light coming in through parts of the canopied roof just adding icing to the cake.

All images, from my archives, taken on my Contax G2 with Zeiss 21, 35 and 90mm lenses using Kodak Portra 400 film.

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