Railwayana; Items concerning or associated with railways. Origins: 1960s; from railway + -ana.

Now people are interested in and indeed collect anything and everything to do with railways whether it be actual real world locomotives and rolling stock (for the very well heeled billionaire) through publications, signs, posters, crockery, objects of hardware, photos, videos, clothing... you name it, if its got a railway association people will be interested.

Original enamel advertising signs like those above found at old railway stations are hugely popular with collectors.

We all love old railway poster art too, so evocative of the old days of steam, glorious.

Vintage signage is also fascinating with particular interest in the old cast iron stuff and there is much focus on locomotive name plates too as you might imagine.

Even humble fire buckets have their following with their variations in design and construction amongst different railway companies and over the decades.

So there you have it, railwayana. I must admit I do my collecting photographically. For me it's more fun finding and capturing old artefacts with my camera and also it's a lot cheaper that way. 

✧ Jokul Frosti ✧

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