... Journal Entry

A walk through the gardens snapping the Spring flowers. Gorgeous blooms, vibrant colours, heady scents and sunshine. Shame the camera doesn't capture smell-a-vision as the aromas were enchanting. Good for the soul.

Pick up your camera, walk out into the garden, well someone else's in this case, and wander amongst the flowers, shrubs and trees in the sunshine and feel it doing you good.

Drink in the sights, sounds, smells, forms, textures and colours of the gardens around you. Get engrossed in beauty of it all.

Become absorbed in the process of snapping the wonderful flowers around you, lost in space and time, absented from the troubles of the world.

Focus on the wonders of nature in its infinite variety and the gardeners art in composing harmonious spaces for us to wander about and enjoy.

Be surprised by exotic varieties of common favourites, test your knowledge and grow your expertise. Watch, look, listen and smell. It's all so beautiful.

Take time to find a bench, sit still and drink it all in. Then later, when back at home, load up the pictures and relive the moment. Peace and tranquility. Flower power, ahhh!