... Journal Entry

 Bleak, dreary day, with a biting wind across the wetlands. Most of the birds had moved out, only the very few hardiest remained. Just one lone photographer in sight; me, just plain dumb I guess. Still a beautiful place though, even in the gloom of mid-winter.

The windchill was such that is was not a day to be stood still for a long period taking photos, so I made a few grab shots and headed back to the car.

Even the wheel that operate the sluice gate that controls water levels in wetland looked cold and lonely, though that was just me attributing my own feelings on an an inanimate object as we humans are want to do.

All photos were made with my Nikon AF 50mm f1.4 D on my Nikon F80D using Kodak Portra 800. The difference between the top two pictures demonstrates the effectiveness of "zooming with your feet" when you are out and about with a single prime lens (as I often am).

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