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My 'go to' film for this time of year, Kodak Portra 800; fast, very fine grained, good colour saturation, w-i-d-e overexposure latitude and usable at 1600 when desired as well.

As we move from Autumn into the colder, shorter, darker days of Winter faster colour negative films come into their own for my film photography and, in particular, Kodak Portra 800 becomes my favoured emulsion for most of my work in this season.

This film is really good for use in difficult lighting conditions. It's box speed is ISO 800 but usefully it can be used at ISO 1600 or in extremis 3200 in my experience, whilst maintaining great image quality retaining extended highlight and shadow detail plus saturated colours. For such a fast film, Portra 800 has a remarkably fine grain structure with a high degree of sharpness and edge definition with low contrast making it great for scanning I have found.


I use it for low light situations and night time photography but it is no slouch as a film for use on bright sunny days in high key lighting either. For me it makes a great all rounder. Its only down side? It ain't cheap. Then again quality never is!