Actual Autumn

It's the first of November and actual Autumn is now with us with the deciduous trees around our way undergoing their annual transmogrification. Time to get the camera out once more for the seasonal photo colour fest.

This year astronomical autumn began on 23 September 2023 and will end on 22 December, but don't tell the local trees that. It is always late October and into November that the maples, vines, beeches, chestnuts, birches and oaks get into full swing.

This season I am out and about with my OM-5 and it's troika of f4 zooms, the 8-45mm, 12-45mm and 40-150mm to capture these red, green, bronze and golden moments frozen in time, following the journey of the trees through their change and the fall of their leaves.

Every year a fresh adventure, chasing a connection with this magical season, with its glorious, riotous metamorphosis that is at the same time both joyous and a somewhat sad portend of the Winter to come.


So here's to another Autumn, a walkabout photographer's dream.

✧ Jokul Frosti ✧

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