Film Noir

Sometimes I get bored with the complexities of using a computer with a lens stuck on front of it i.e. digital and return to the simplicity of the chemical silver halide process and its focus on real photography...

So loading up my Contax G2 with Kodak Portra 800 and popping my Zeiss Planar 45mm f2 on the front I grabbed a few night shots to create a film noir look.

Great camera, fabulous lens and great film, plus no messing about with multiple menus, computational photography, stops of anti-wobble, high ISO noise reduction, night scene noise reduction, histograms, ETTR, dynamic range, etc. Just the camera, the exposure triangle and me. Nothing to get in the way of the pure photograph making process. Joy!


BTW, someone commented that the picture of the priory tower looked quite gothic. Well that's good from a mood perspective, though hardly surprising as it is greatly assisted by the Priory being a fine example of Early English Gothic architecture.

Now there is a way to get a point and press digital photo of the scene, yes indeed using your smart phone, in this case an iPhone. You are of course stuck with angle of view provided by the lens of the phone, but it does a pretty good job for what it is. Makes you think doesn't it?

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