Watercourse: noun - a brook or stream. A leisurely wander along the waterside on a sunny day snapping away at whatever presents itself along the way. Tranquilly!

Anyone for rowing? It's a lot more strenuous than people realise. Downstream is fun, but coming back upstream to the moorings can be a bit of a surprise for some! The water was crystal clear and there were ducks, grebes and kingfishers abounding.

Bridge over tranquil waters in this case, this one has stood here for many a year being both functional and aesthetically pleasing in its own funny way at the same time. Sort of a shabby chic maybe?

Messing about in a boat. The ducks were swimming towards a bread opportunity rather than away from the boat and were never-the-less easily outpacing the landlubber puffing away at the oars!


There's something about the waterside, the ripples of the cool water on a hot sunny day, the greenery, the waterfowl, the fluffy clouds reflected in the water, old fashioned row boats - it's all very Wind In The Willows or Three Men In A Boat romantic or maybe akin to a painting of bygone times by Constable-ish. Who knows, but the camera liked it.