Abbey Gardens

In the Abbey Gardens on a dull, soggy, summer's day. When all else fails use the overcast, diffused light to photograph the flowers. Having a camera system rated to IP53 weather sealing standards really helps at such times.

One of the advantages of the wetter weather is the profusion of water droplets and their display on flowers with waxy petals as in the Lilly below.

The use of tele zoom lenses such as my M.Zuiko 40-150mm f4 Pro are ideal for this sort of close up work, used at the long end and stopped down to f8 to get the optimal balance between depth of field, image quality, subject separation and reach.

Used in conjunction with my lovely OM5 camera that provides high end performance in a compact and highly mobile package, I have the perfect combination to capture flowers in all their glory in any and all weathers. Magic!