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2024 · 31 December 2030
☆ Jokul Frosti's ☆ Journal
📌📌 PRE-AMBLE: This journal contains the scribbles of a walkabout photographer with a snapshot style. This pinned entry provides an introduction to the journal and also explains all the different ways you can access it to make it easier to find things, so click in to learn more. Alternatively simply scroll through the entries below and have fun exploring their content.
2024 · 05 February 2024
Upon Reflection
Fans of Kodak Ultra Max 400 Everyday film on the web have declared it as having "Vivid & accurate colour, wide exposure latitude, smooth skin tones, natural hues, fine grain, and bright blues, greens & reds" and say it is, "Perfect for all kinds of photography; from portraits to action to scenics. I have a very different view.
2024 · 29 January 2024
Bleak, dreary day, with a biting wind across the wetlands. Most of the birds had moved out, only the very few hardiest remained. Just one lone photographer in sight; me, just plain dumb I guess. Still a beautiful place though, even in the gloom of mid-winter.
2024 · 27 January 2024
Tangible Touch
These days digital separates us physically from making photographs. But film is different, it keeps us tangibly in touch all the way through the photographic process. It makes things real.
2024 · 26 January 2024
Discovered in a Graveyard
We were sequestered in The Thomas Lord pub in West Meon having a spot of lunch and reading its history and how it was named after the founder of Lords Cricket Ground back in 1814. It was only later that afternoon whilst taking photos in St John's Church graveyard we discovered his other connection with the village.
2024 · 17 January 2024
I have been playing some more with Harman's new CN film Phoenix 200, this time in the Winter sunshine, and it continues to exhibit its weird and wonderful 'experimental' characteristics.
2023 · 29 December 2023
Phoenix 200
First shots with Harman's new experimental Phoenix 200 colour negative film. "Something rich and strange" as The Bard would have it. This portends great things to come from the owners of Ilford I believe as they continue to develop it (no pun intended) further.
2023 · 06 December 2023
Go To
My 'go to' film for this time of year, Kodak Portra 800; fast, very fine grained, good colour saturation, w-i-d-e overexposure latitude and usable at 1600 when desired as well.
2023 · 04 December 2023
My photography, when I have managed to do any this year, has been pretty unfocussed so to speak. Not only have I lost direction and motivation creatively but I have become more and more bored with the press and squirt approach engendered by the ever 'smarter' digital tech out there. I have given this much thought and thus decided to reset my photographic goals for the upcoming new year.
2023 · 02 December 2023
“This is the first-ever colour film made entirely from emulsion to cassette at the HARMAN technology factory in Mobberley, a significant and incredibly exciting milestone. This quirky, experimental film produces high-contrast images with strong, visible grain and punchy, vibrant colours. It’s unlike any other colour film.” – HARMAN Photo Press Release

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