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2024 · 31 December 2030
☆ Jokul Frosti's ☆ Journal
📌📌 PRE-AMBLE: This journal contains the scribbles of a walkabout photographer with a snapshot style. This pinned entry provides an introduction to the journal and also explains all the different ways you can access it to make it easier to find things, so click in to learn more. Alternatively simply scroll through the entries below and have fun exploring their content.
2024 · 02 April 2024
The Wills, The Won'ts and the Can'ts
There is an old saw about there being three types of people in the world, "the Wills, the Won'ts and the Can'ts", which is equally applicable to each of us in the photog domain...
2024 · 17 February 2024
Café Society
These days we live in a café society and most of us would't get by without our regular coffee fix whatever its form, cappuccino, latte, Frappuccino, macchiato, Americano or whatever...
2023 · 13 November 2023
A tithe; one tenth of annual produce, formerly taken as a tax for the support of the Church and clergy. Hence the Tithe Barn where they stored all the tithes they collected.
2023 · 31 July 2023
Exotic Onion
Photographing structural plants like this Allium Purple Sensation, after it has seeded, is fun and quite rewarding visually. Oh, an Allium is a type of flowering onion would you believe?
2023 · 17 July 2023
Overlooked; verb, past participle, commonly used as an adjective: ignored, disregarded; as in the Zeiss Tele-Tessar 85mm f4 ZM is often injudiciously overlooked.
2023 · 05 July 2023
Ikon (also Icon): noun: A thing regarded as a representative symbol or as worthy of veneration: e.g. The Zeiss Ikon ZM is a modern representation of the iconic 35mm rangefinder cameras from the golden age of rangefinder photography of the 1940's, 50's and 60's.