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2024 · 31 December 2030
☆ Jokul Frosti's ☆ Journal
📌📌 PRE-AMBLE: This journal contains the scribbles of a walkabout photographer with a snapshot style. This pinned entry provides an introduction to the journal and also explains all the different ways you can access it to make it easier to find things, so click in to learn more. Alternatively simply scroll through the entries below and have fun exploring their content.
2024 · 25 May 2024
Last of the Rhododendrons
Last of the Rhododendrons for this year. Most of them are now blown and gone but there are a few late bloomers still hanging on though they too are showing signs of their imminent departure.
2024 · 18 May 2024
Yellow Flag
Iris Pseudacorus aka The Yellow Flag - another picture made whilst on my walkabout at LilyHill yesterday. Could not resist posting a few more images made with my OM-1 II and 40-150mm f4 Pro; the art of tele-zoom close-ups.
2024 · 17 May 2024
LilyHill, home to cultivars such as Irises, hybrid Rhododendrons and Azaleas, and wildflowers such as Meadow Buttercup and Birdsfoot Trefoil, plus grand trees including Monkey Puzzle, Beech, Douglas Fir and the majestic Wellingtonia aka The Giant Redwood.
2024 · 05 May 2024
Hate It?
There are a shedload of vehement micro four thirds haters out there who would like nothing more than to see the format die, but there is one excellent MFT camera that even the supporters of the format love to hate. They should know better!
2024 · 30 April 2024
A walk through the gardens snapping the Spring flowers. Gorgeous blooms, vibrant colours, heady scents and sunshine. Shame the camera doesn't capture smell-a-vision as the aromas were enchanting. Good for the soul.
2024 · 27 April 2024
The Watercress Line Spring Steam Gala 2024 with guest locomotives LMS Jubilee Class ‘Leander’ no. 45690, ‘Battle of Britain’ Class ‘Manston’ no. 34070 and ‘Lambton’ Tank no. 29. Smoke, steam, nostalgia and one of the locomotives an uncleaned and filthy dirty disappointment.
2024 · 21 April 2024
Well I have started my latest project of photographing bees close up, including the difficult task of capturing them in flight. The latter was always going to be a challenge and a bit of a hit and miss affair as these industrious little creatures move so fast and erratically which adds to the fun. This is going to be a long project with a bit of a steep learning curve! Thus, day one...
2024 · 10 April 2024
Every now and then you run into something really good, that takes you by surprise, that makes you stop and think about possibilities. Enter the remarkable OM-1 II ...
2024 · 02 April 2024
The Wills, The Won'ts and the Can'ts
There is an old saw about there being three types of people in the world, "the Wills, the Won'ts and the Can'ts", which is equally applicable to each of us in the photog domain...

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