The Wills, The Won'ts and the Can'ts

... Journal Entry

There is an old saw about there being three types of people in the world, "the Wills, the Won'ts and the Can'ts", which is equally applicable to each of us in the photog domain...

So the saying goes like this:

"There are there three basic types; the Wills, the Wont’s and the Cant’s:

The Wills accomplish everything

The Won'ts oppose everything

The Can'ts avoid trying anything".

So in our world of photography, the "Wills" are out there taking photographs and are able to make great images with just about anything. The "Won'ts are the confrontational nit pickers who inhabit every review site on the web finding fault with everything and denigrating everyone in the photographic domain, they are self professed experts in absolutely all things and are never wrong, a dangerous combination of arrogance and ignorance. The Can'ts have all the excuses why they almost never take photos despite having all the latest gear; "they never have the time", "the weather isn't right", "their gear is never quite right for the job", "it's all been done before anyway", "they're just too busy", "they can't easily get to the venue", "they forgot to charge the camera's batteries", "the camera is loaded with wrong sort of film" and so on.

So there we have them, as in life, the photo world's  "Wills, Won'ts and Can'ts". Nothing changes, least of all people who are just plain weird.