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These days when you find me out and about, more likely than not, the camera you will find me carrying is my Sony RX100 VI compact. It has become my daily carry about camera that is highly capable but slips easily into a pocket. It is something of a boon companion being a camera that I really enjoy spending time with and using in my everyday photography.

As I have written previously here, this svelte beastie is surprisingly powerful for such a compact device and can provide remarkably high quality images and 4K videos from its little 1" sensor. As Sony say it provides, "pro features in a to-go package".

I take it anywhere and everywhere with me. This thing is truly portable and inconspicuous. All I have added to it is the stick on AG-R2 Attachment Grip and when needed the VCT-SGR1 Shooting Grip which improve handling accordingly. Oh and a couple of spare batteries with a Duracell charger too.

Supposedly, small sensor cameras don't fair well in low light at high ISOs but this machine still delivers high perceived resolution, low noise and accurate colours as the image above demonstrates. I remain quite surprised by this and pleased too as you might expect.

 I love the way the camera with its Vario-Sonnar lens render textures and colours. Like the vivid colours of flowers above which are very accurately reproduced. It has that 'Zeiss look' to my eyes which I have always preferred. 

Anyway, it is not my intention to repeat what I have already written about this little camera elsewhere. Rather it is to highlight the fact that I have come like it so much that it has become my 'constant companion' walkabout camera of choice over everything else that I have tried.

It even comes with me when I am out doing more 'serious' (read expensive) stuff with my Nikon 35mm film cameras doing 'analogue' photography as it is fashionable to call it these days. So constant companion it is then.

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