Café Society

... Journal Entry

These days we live in a café society and most of us would't get by without our regular coffee fix whatever its form, cappuccino, latte, Frappuccino, macchiato, Americano or whatever... 

Now for a lot of people who frequent coffee shops these days the most popular thing they photograph is...? Yep, themselves or their coffee! A close second is the food they buy in these places... snacks like cakes, pastries, savouries, breakfast bits-inna-bun through to the Full English and more in some of the bigger establishments.

Then you get the occasional surreptitious people-snappers who are sneakily grabbing candids of those around them in the mistaken belief they are doing "street' rather than simply being dubiously intrusive in what is most definitely not by any legal definition a public place.

Personally I like to take images of the  café spaces themselves devoid of people. I love their designs, their shapes, forms, layouts and colours. I find them fascinating. If I find I have to include people in the picture I will seek to anonymise them (turned away or obscured) if at all possible and only include them when they in the distant background.

Finally I love the variety of designs from the ultra modern to the rustic to the big brands to the anonymous. Just be aware you are in a privately owned space not a public one and a quick snap from where you are sitting with something like your camera phone (which are ubiquitous these days) is usually OK, especially in an empty or near empty environment, but wandering around blasting away with a big professional looking camera set up is both rude and aggressive, and most definitely unacceptable.