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Pigeons have a reputation for being stupid, cumbersome, greedy ground feeders . Well this one was certainly greedy, but turned out to be a quick learner and something of an aerial acrobat.

Having studied carefully the local gang of starlings perform their agile acrobatics at the bird feeders the lumbering monster was not to be put off and was soon copying their antics to great effect.

It took lots of attempts and a lot of falling off but in the end it got it and has now become the master of the hanging bird feeders. None of its compatriots have attempted to imitate it, they simply look on in that dumb way that pigeons have. So I guess this is the smart one in the flock.

These images were made on my new OMS Olympus OM-1 this time with my Lumix G Vario 100-300mm f4-5.6 II Power OIS. The latter performs not at all badly for a cheapo "consumer" grade zoom.

I also made the picture above with it just to demonstrate its capability to isolate a subject from its background and bring it into sharp relief.


This 100-300mm provides a 200-600mm crop factor equivalent super tele zoom lens on my MFT format OM-1 for a fraction of the cost of an equivalent Pro optic and is good enough for the few times that I need such a beastie. Result!

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