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A walkabout in the ornamental gardens to photograph the profusion of Summer flowers. Glorious forms and colours in great abundance.

At this time of year there is such a dazzling array of blooms everywhere you turn that it almost overwhelms the senses and the artful planting of the ornamental borders leads you from one photographic composition to another. The possibilities are endless.

As I walked about snapping away lost in this floral idyll, time seemed suspended as my shutter clicked repeatedly in response to the visions of colour and form that appeared in front of me. When you are making each photograph nothing else matters, you are totally absorbed, lost in the moment and removed from your surroundings. It was so very beautiful and from time to time it was important to stop and just gaze upon it all and drink in its aesthetics.

Places like these are good for the soul whether or not you are a horticulturalist, good for your well-being and great for flower photography too. Don't you just love photography?