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With the completion of the grand unifying celebrations to mark Her Majesty The Queen's Platinum Jubilee sadly the world has returned to its usual miserable, squabbling, divisive, back biting self. Thank goodness for the refuge that is photography.

With its trooping the colour, commemorative service, party at the palace, the "bonkers" platinum pageant, lighting of beacons and the unforgettable sketch of Herself with Paddington Bear and their marmalade sandwiches, it was an uplifting four days of pomp, circumstance, flag waving, music, dance, costume, colour and celebration, watched by millions round the world.

There was bunting galore and street parties everywhere. The Queen was being what she has always been, the catalyst for bringing people together and being nice to each other.


The very next day however it was back to normal. The usual tabloids and news outlets which had been waxing lyrical about Her Majesty being the unifying force that binds these diverse peoples together into one great nation were back at their favourite past time, mixing it - stirring up strife and setting people at each others throats to generate attention grabbing headlines and fuelling conflict to inflate and drag out stories, revelling in peoples' grief and misery. Just lovely😡!

Me? After four days in the fairytale world of peace, harmony and goodwill to all mankind, I took refuge once more in my safe space of photography and shut the madness back out. Here in 'Jack Frost World' all is serenity and light. In this place I create my own pictorial illusions of compositional harmony, colour balance and well judged exposure. I live in p^space, lost forever in the moment of making photographs. Safe!