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My first walkabout with my new OM System Olympus OM-1. Part of establishing its baseline performance. First impressions - it's lovely.

There are shed loads of others out there writing and videoing reams of stuff about this camera, thus I am not going to say anything else about it technically other than to say this, go buy one, end of. Now on to what I am doing in the early days of walking around with it.

So I picked up the camera, charged the battery, stuck two SD cards into it, set the date and time, found out how to navigate the menu system to turn off the "beep", popped up the super control panel and set the recording mode to super fine jpg + RAW and left everything else set to default. Then I went out to explore how the camera behaved, the beginnings of establishing its baseline performance before I start customising its setting and functions to meet my needs and style of photography. Below is a sample gallery of some of the first picture I made with the camera all processed from Jpegs in Perfectly Clear...

The two lenses I took with me for this first trip out with the camera were a bit of an odd choice in a way being my 14-150mm super zoom and my 8mm fisheye, neither guaranteed to test the camera to its limits. However, I will now continue on running the camera in default mode with different lenses and in multiple scenarios and then will start to build up some custom modes as I learn its particular strengths and indeed weaknesses in various situations. Here we go, lots of fun to be had and new photo opportunities created because of its new functions and capabilities.