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Something that signals the approach of another thing: for example, daffodils are the harbingers of Spring 🌼.

There are a number of flowering plants that are a sure sign that Spring is on its way, like snowdrops and the sweet scented witch hazel, but once the daffodils in their many varieties start to appear you can be certain that the new season is just around the corner at last.

These were found sheltering in shade of a stand of Wellingtonia trees (giant redwoods as they are known elsewhere). There happy bright yellow flowers with long trumpet-shaped centres in contrast with their deep green stems and leaves brightening up the scene after the long dull Winter.

The return of vivid colours into the landscape once more with the advent of Spring.

Mind you, there was always the lovely contrast of the lush rich greens of the evergreens against the deep blue of a sunny Winter's sky to be enjoyed too.