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A walkabout grabbing some 'views' using my M.Zuiko 12mm f2 on my Pen-F. In many ways this is a recently rediscovered optic as it had sat unused on the shelf for a long time. Silly me.

Why silly? Because it's tiny, fast, portable, fits the Pen-F like a hand to a glove and can be used to make images like the one above.

Stupidly I had, a long while ago, replaced this lens with a Panasonic Lumix-Leica 12mm f1.4 being lured by the glamour of the one stop faster aperture. The Olympus lens was relegated to the back of the shelf in my little old gear cupboard. Mind you the Panasonic lens faired little better as, after the initial pride of ownership of this lovely bit of glass wore off, its bulk, weight and size meant it got carried very little and thus used not very often and stayed mostly at home too.

So much so that I sold it last year and that was that. Then I was going through my back catalogue and came across some pictures made on the good old Olympus 12mm f2. They were lovely. I realised I had forgotten about it. This made me go find it in its box in the cupboard and take it out to use it. This I did recently and snapped a few views to remind myself how it performed. A gallery of these are shown below:


It's a smashing super compact, quality, fast wide angle lens, very much of the design philosophy of the MFT form.

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