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Squirry has returned, this time I snapped it in the trees, scoping out the garden, waiting for a chance to return to guzzle some more sunflower seeds having been scared away from them by a cloud of boisterous, squabbling starlings.

After an absence of a couple of days, the grey squirrel is back and, having previously been defeated by the peanut feeder, concentrated on some contortionistic acrobatics to get to the hanging sunflower seed pot. Stretched out at full length and balanced precariously, it was having a good old nosh when the local yobs of the bird world descended en masse on it.

Not for nothing are two of the collective names for starlings a 'chattering' and a 'clattering'. There were some 30 or more of them and they wanted the seeds. So squirry took off up one of the adjacent silver birches, settled on a branch and sat flicking its tail at them in annoyance.

I ran off and grabbed my Pen-F, snapped on my 100-300mm zoom, and returned in time to grab some shots of squirry in the tree tops, so to speak.

I think it was so mad at the birds it was a good while before it realised I was there and did the usual squirrel defensive thing of nipping round to the other side of the tree. Thus I was able to get a few decent pictures. 
Must admit, squirrels really are cute and very photogenic. Aaaah.