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The first M.Zuiko prime not from Olympus but from OM System. What's in a name? Nothing apparently. Same innovation, same super high quality, same compactness, same price banding. Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose, reassuringly.

I paired this new Pro 20mm f1.4 optic (40mm equivalent in 35mm format) with my much loved Olympus Pen-F with which it was a perfect match. A plea to OM System Solutions the owners of the former Olympus Imaging Division, come on and give us the "wow" Pen-F II to go with this new generation of f1.4 primes, please. They would be made for each other😀.

Anyway back on topic. Here are two sample images made close up with the 20mm wide open at f1.4. Impressive or what?

The balloon picture was taken at a 1/60th at ISO 800 and the picture of the clock was given a 1/60th at ISO 320. Available light, no flash.

So let's cut to the chase. This lens is typically Olympus, sorry OM System (it is hard to get used to saying this and the new name doesn't exactly trip off the tongue either), in that it is: of a really useful focal length as well as being fast, small, light weight, with pro level build and image quality. It exemplifies exactly what MFT is all about, delivering that perfect balance of high quality and portability. Love it.