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Parky - adjective; chilly, cold. A finger freezing, damp, miserable winter's day in January. Perfect for making hibernal pictures in the local park. Parky photos as you might say 😁.

There is another meaning of parky which is an old Victorian term for a park keeper or warden, what we now tend to call a park ranger, There were none around this particular day.

So on with my own ramblings. All photos here were actually made, as ever, on my Zeiss Ikon ZM on Portra 400 this time with my Voigtländer 15mm f4,5 Super Wide Heliar Asph III VM.

The photographs aren't up to much, much like the weather that day and the subject at this time of year for that matter, but I was bored and needed the exercise.

Boy was it cold or parky in the park. I stuck the aperture at f8 and scale focused the lens to give me everything between 0.5m and infinity in focus. With aperture priority auto set and mostly 2x exposure compensation dialled in to correct for the large expanse of sky, I snapped away merrily whilst my hands froze.

When it all got too miserable, I struck out for home to thaw out with a cup of hot tea and a custard tart. Shades of Lionel Hardcastle!