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Pathways are tracks that constitute or serve as paths in, for example, gardens or forests. They are also metabolic, for example a sequence of chemical reactions undergone by a compound or class of compounds in a living organism as when the leaves in trees change colour in the Autumn.

Thus above we have a picture of a typical garden path.

Followed by an example of metabolic pathways in action in the picture above as the leaves change from green through yellow to red.

There is a third meaning to pathways which is physiological, meaning a route formed by a chain of nerve cells, along which impulses of a particular kind usually travel: for example the neural pathways that control the muscles in my finger that press the shutter release on my camera with which I made these pictures.

Above is another example of metabolic transmogrification; the Autumn truly is a season of wonders.

Another narrow beaten track through the forest; makes you want to step onto it and wander down it for ever to infinity.

As you wander along the pathways don't forget to look up!

The one above is more of a trackway, that is a narrow path formed by the recurring tread of people or animals

Finally, a place to sit and contemplate all the wonders around and about - the classic park bench, basking in the Autumn sunshine, ideally placed where several paths meet.