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One of the many reasons I love using rangefinder cameras is a sense of history, of connection, of holding in my hands a precision engineered, timeless gem, designed to be passed down from generation to generation.

Vintage or modern there is something mystical about them, with an enduring quality that transcends these contemporary

soulless, shrink wrapped, throw away, transient, mega everything, hybrid video, mirrorless wonders that pass for cameras these days.

Image courtesy of Leica UK
Image courtesy of Leica UK

Even with my M10-R, I have in my hands a fusion of the traditional  ‘Messsucher' optical finder with modern digital stills imaging technology. Note the use of the word 'stills', no video here. The heritage is clear, this is a photographer's camera made for photography just as they always were.

For those not brought up on rangefinder cameras as I was, I do not expect the majority of you to 'get it'. To most of you, quite rightly, they must seem an anachronism. But for me they really are timeless instruments that are a joy to own and use in their own unique and magical way. They are living history in my hands.