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In photography, as in life, you can draw both figuratively and literally many parallels between things. Mind you, parallels can appear to converge through tricks of the mind and apparent perspective. What we perceive to be so isn't always what it seems.

In the picture above the parallel railway lines converge creating the impression that they 'recede' into the distance as do the parallel platform edges. The parallel tops of the same hight lights shorten the further back they are, as once again they appear to recede into the distance.


What is in fact a 2-D image is made to seem 3-D by visual cues included in picture by the photographer (that's me BTW) and by the use of of a semi-wide angle lens, that trick our brains into seeing depth in that way. We can't help ourselves.

But you can also draw parallels between the look of two images, like those above, and indeed the compositional techniques used to create them. They run on parallel lines so to speak.

A parallel can be drawn with this picture above with the other two above it, too. Also in this picture you can see the the cliff railway co-existing with the bay below it, they exist in parallel with each other you might say.


Finally if you were to view these three images side by side, in parallel as it were, you can see a theme emerging. So parallels, in so many ways, are not always what you may think.

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