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No, not 'AAARRR' the 'Growth Marketing Pirate Funnel', rather the suffix 'R' that stands for 'Resolution'.

The Leica M10-R versus the Leica M10. Better colours? Noticeably, yes.

Better dynamic range? Helpfully, yes.

Quieter shutter? Thankfully much, thus yes.

Greater resolution (detail)? Visibly so, yes.

Touch screen, level gauge and perspective correction? Well, yes but... meh!


So what I have now, having traded my M10 for a used M10-R, is a camera which produces pictures technically with as much improved image quality over anything I have previously owned with the exception of my old Rollei 6008 6x6 medium format film camera using Velvia RVP 50. 


A first sample set of test pictures made with the M10-R today can be found here. What a difference the letter 'R' in a camera model name makes.