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Nothing is real, reality isn’t real nor is your understanding of it real nor is anyone else’s for that matter if indeed they themselves exist.Then, this possibly non existent person tells you that an equally non existent thing called a camera doesn’t lie! Now what’s that about? It's all an illusion.

Now in reality only a mathematical world exists, with the finite, physical world being an illusion within it. So the illusionary camera that the illusionary person told you about is therefore lying or at least recording an illusion?. Mind you, in reality you're part of the illusion too, yes really.

Excuse me while I just go commune with the universe or at least a representation of part of it as shown below. Hang on though, that is in our physical world too, like our camera, so that is also an illusion. So the language of mathematics we use to describe the real mathematical world which is the only one that really exists is in fact an illusion as are we.

Now this all leaves me a little confused or, as we might say in the real world, c =( f^2)/ (N*(S1-f)). Ow, my illusionary head hurts.


I'm off to make some illusionary photos with my illusionary camera in the illusionary physical world and thoroughly enjoy my illusionary self. As for reality, well it's really rather overrated. 

✧ Jokul Frosti ✧

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