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Vista has a double meaning: 

- one physical; a pleasing sweeping view, 

- the other cerebral; a mental view of a succession of remembered or anticipated events

Creating pretty and colourful scenics is fun. Sweeping beds of flowers and shrubs is one my own particular favourites.

Equally I have a penchant for views with receding lines leading the eye into a vanishing point to create a 3D look, again underpinned with vibrant colours. 

In creating more such images recently, this has triggered thoughts of previous photo walkabouts and vistas created on those days and in those places in past times.

Happy times, memories of people and places come flooding back. Interestingly, also memories of making the pictures themselves and the feelings it engendered at the time.

A series of events flash by, echos of half forgotten moments, barely remembered images of past delights suddenly recalled and all because I framed a picture and pressed the shutter release at that particular instant to capture a new vista. Weird what instantly triggers your thoughts and recollections.