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'A family home, delightful gardens and an idyllic setting, a place with 900 years of history', now owned by the National Trust and a further great location with lots of photographic opportunities. Another walkabout with my camera.


In addition to a bit of architectural stuff and lots of beautiful garden scapes, there was an unexpected bonus that day.


The icing on the cake was a sculpture exhibition by the Oxford Sculptors Group with pieces on display throughout the walled gardens.There were some seriously talented artists in this group as their work can attest, wow!


Someone was seriously into bird sculptures in metal work and particularly using cutlery, yep good old knives and forks and spoons, to great artistic and fun effect.


Some work was quite dramatic and powerful as can be seen from the picture below.


Others were light, airy, exuberant and fun,


And again below.


But the big memory of the day was the glorious aromas of the flowers in gardens, especially the big, blowsy roses. The scents were at times almost overwhelming. Heady and glorious and not to be missed.


Shame about the dull old weather, but that's been this summer mostly so far anyway, cloudy with sunny intervals and quite a lot of rain. This particular day we got the cloudy. Hay ho pip and dandy. But the scent of the roses, wow!

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