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I happened to be walking through the local park, past the lake, with my camera in hand as ever. I came across mother goose, no not the panto one, with her brood of goslings...

Being careful not to disturb them, I grabbed this decidedly 'Ahhhh' moment as the goslings snuggled up to mum to keep warm in the chilly morning breeze.


Dad meanwhile was standing guard nearby keeping a very close, watchful and beady eye over his family as you might expect. Geese make excellent parents. 


To get pictures like this you will need a longer lens to maintain a respectful distance and not stress the birds, though these  ones live in a park and thus are very tolerant of humans but there are limits. Canada Geese are in no way timid and will stand up for themselves especially with young in tow so be warned.


So here we have a classic example of why I always carry a camera with me, because you never know what opportunities may present themselves as you wend your way through life.

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