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Nope, this is not one of these pointless 'number of megapixel arguments nor chip size debates' rather it's a reflection of a personal sea change.

Until not so long ago, I was still making most of my photographs on 35mm film with an occasional bit of digital using MFT kit. I then went through a phase of using mostly MFT digital before flip flopping back and forth between the two media, digital and analogue.


Why? Well, I liked the convenience and flexibility of my digital gear but I loved the form and function of my classic manual 35mm rangefinder outfit and the look of film - I was conflicted. I must admit it was doing my head in.


Now in my heart of hearts I knew what the solution was, but I balked at two things. One was I did not need yet another camera in my life and the second was cost. Yes the answer to my conundrum was going to be expensive.


This answer was very obvious. For my style of photography what I needed was a  classic rangefinder camera that was digital. Now you know where that was going to take me? Yup, Leica M-Digital - ouch. This was going to be expensive indeed if decided to go down this route. Also, there was bit of inverse snobbery in me about this brand I have to admit, "Only posers carry Leica M's" I  thought'.


I wobbled. Yes, no, maybe? Back and forth it went. Then one day, after many months of vacillation I just decided to go ahead and do it.


In the end I acquired a used M10 as I have described here and why this particular model I discussed here, thus I won't repeat myself. So has this been a good decision? I am relieved to say, "yes". I have never looked back and don't wish to go back. Some things are just right and this is was of them, phew!


The choice was so right that I am now selling off some of my old kit to cover the cost of my 'new' machine without any qualms which is of course the acid test in any gear acquisition. Thus, from now on, it's chips with everything.