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In the visual arts a peoplescape is an artistic representation, such as a painting, drawing, print or photograph, of the physical aspects of a colocated group of people often with an associated theme or activity. It is the group equivalent of a landscape.

In this case the medium is 35mm colour negative photography and the peoplescape theme is outdoor cafe society. Now many street photogs sneer at this subject as being not sufficiently "street" i.e.in your face and engaged, but they are missing the point. Peoplescape and street are not the same thing.

The key is to capture the group in their environment not to focus on individuals. You need the people to be totally unaware of your presence as it is the collective you are recording, the broad "scape" if you like and not any one person.

Any theme or activity counts whether its people watching a sports event maybe or watching street entertainment or in a cafe or wandering round a garden centre and so on.

I find a 35mm rangefinder camera perfect for this sort of work with a 35mm lens set at f8, zone focused so that all I need to do is being the camera to my eye, compose, click the shutter and bring it back down again, smoothly and unobtrusively. Without intruding.

Of course this was all before the Covidy plague swept the world. All images from my archives.