Selfies are now the most popular genre of photography with maybe 40 plus percent of pictures taken every day and posted to the web being typically of people's own selves taken by themselves. As The Cat from Red Dwarf often and self obsessively said, "Yow, how'm I look'n?" - "Look'n good!".

Now you will find huge arguments on the interweb as to whether this is a form of narcism leading to dangerous psychopathy or harmless normal human behaviour, which I am unqualified to comment upon.


But it can have drastic consequences when people die whilst taking stupidly dangerous risks to get extreme selfies or there again get fired from their jobs when inappropriate selfies land up with recipients they weren't intened for, for example.


So do I take selfies of myself, so to speak? Well yes and no. The picture above is typical of the sort of thing that I will very occasionally indulge in, just for a bit of a laugh. That's me taking a picture of me. On reflection (see what I did there?) selfies can be fun. "Yow, how'm I look'n?" - "Look'n good!"

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