Bridge To Bridge

In an earlier life, going walkabout between Caversham and Reading Bridges with my Contax G2 and its Carl Zeiss lenses plus some Kodak Portra film. Life before lockdown - freedom, sigh!

I am beginning to forget what it was like to wander about without a care in the world, totally relaxed making photographs as I did on this particular day in what now seems totally foreign times and on a completely different planet.

I wonder if these places still exist or even if they ever did. Maybe I just dreamed them? Did I really walk between the bridges on that hot summer's day totally absorbed in the world of photography?

The big sky and open river, such a glorious sight to revel in and burned into film. That's why Contax cameras and Carl Zeiss lenses were created and why Kodak film still exists for people like me to capture such moments in all their glory in the way that only film truly can and relive them in such times as these to help preserve our sanity.

One day I shall walk this way again, once more with camera in hand and relive the experience, then see what remains and capture what has changed. Even if the places themselves continue much the same, I think recent events may well have changed how I view the world and this may well be reflected in my photography or maybe not. We shall see.

Till then I shall continue to explore my back catalogue and delight in the good stuff and embarrass myself with the bad but most of all lose myself in the memories of the places and of the good times I had photographing them.


A set of pictures taken that day on the river may be found here