Lock Down Autumn

Back into lock down. Bloody Covid. So bang goes this year's coppers, yellows and golds Autumn photos. Hate it! So here are a couple of pics from last year to show what we are missing or alternatively cheer us up?

I love this season for the riotous colours of the Autumn trees and the photo opportunities that it brings and I look forward to it so much each and every year. Thus not being to get out to photograph it at what is now the height of the change in the foliage of native beeches, birches and oaks is a real bummer.

I had decided this year to dump digital for this season and have a bit of fun with going retro using my trusty film cameras. To this end I had made all my preparations, digging out my kit, cleaning it, sourcing a supply of appropriate film, choosing suitable socially distant locations and generally getting psyched up ready for when the weather and light would be right. Ready to grab the opportunities to be in the moment.

Then, bang, back into lockdown! Not good. So here I am reliving past glories and revelling in past photos and the memories they invoke then looking forward to next Autumn when hopefully this rubbish virus will be behind us.


Jumping forward a year will, with luck, see me out there with my camera in hand once more lost in the blazing colours of Autumn.