Blooming Heck

There was a time when I was into garden photography in general and flower photography in particular but then everyone got smart digital cameras in their mobile phones which deskilled the process allowing the multitude to snap away unthinkingly which took all the fun out of it. AI took over and there became no point to it anymore. Shame really.

Going back just a few years and you needed a decent camera with some quality lenses plus some skill in using them and knowledge of photography itself to produce images likes the ones illustrated here.

As access to gardens and flowers is relative easy as you might expect in the horticulture obsessed UK, they make for very popular photographic subjects. Many of us photogs derived hours of pleasure perfecting our flower photography skills.

I loved creating pictures with differential focusing using a combination of an open aperture plus being close up to create subject separation using the limited depth of field to create an out of focus background. These days I would simply use an app like Snapseed on my iPhone to create the blurred background for me!

With my digital camera I had to take my images back home, upload them to my iMac and post process them to get the results I want and then export them to share them. Now I can edit the photos I have taken on my latest iPhone immediately on the phone itself and share them instantaneously where ever I want, no faffing about.

Thus, mostly, I no longer do any serious flower work and only make snaps like everyone else does on my smartphone. For what I want it's more than good enough. It is a shame though. Smartphones are remorselessly ripping the fun out of everything photographic.


Very occasionally, when I have need for high res images for example to produce large scale pictures for display, things will necessitate the use of a proper camera and quality lenses to make my garden and flower pics. These times are very rare nowadays, however.