Season of Mists

Mist rolling over the hills and then through the valleys in very late Autumn. The biggest ingredient that any photog needs in their work? Luck. I literally came round the corner that day and there it all was happening in front of me. An hour or so later it was all gone.

That particular late afternoon was bright and sunny as we were walking along when we came round a corner and in distance spotted the mist rolling over the low hills opposite and down into the valleys below the ridge we were on. 

It started to fill the vales and as it crept closer it permeated the trees directly below us until they too began to white out and vanish.

The sun completely disappeared and all became damp, gloomy and very atmospheric. I was glad I had followed my one and only golden rule of photography as ever that day which was to always carry a camera. What a terrible thing to have missed such an opportunity!

On it rolled blanketing the land leaving just the tops of the high ground sticking up like so many islands. 

The trees at first just ghostly, turned a whiter shade of pale, as the mist rolled through them adding a mysterious gloom to their leafless skeletal structures and obscuring all about them.

Until finally the sun broke through again and the mist rolled back and vanished almost as quickly as it had come. What a mystical experience.